Nine out of ten guests want to use apps to organise hotel stays

IAM Survey By Hotel View

Nine out of every ten hotel guests would like to reserve, check in and check out through a mobile app, according to a new hospitality trends survey.

The survey, entitled ‘Exploring The Future of Hospitality’ and recently unveiled by I-AM, a leading London-based international branding and interior design agency, also reports that 77 per cent of people would like to request room service or other facilities through an app.

  • Other key findings include:
    80 per cent of people would like to take virtual tours of hotels before booking
    91 per cent would like the ability to choose their hotel room as they would a seat on an airplane
    85 per cent think hotels should provide them with the opportunity to link their streaming devices
    95 per cent believe hotels have a responsibility to introduce them to local culture
    94 per cent would like them to provide an itinerary of places to visit depending on their interests

I-AM group partner Pete Champion said: “People are travelling and moving around more than ever before, and this has allowed for a new breed of players to think about how to provide hospitable experiences on the move.

“Transport providers are taking cues from hotels to provide novel and comfortable experiences. This, combined with the popularity of sharing economy services like Airbnb, may begin to take some of the hotel industry’s market share away. Hoteliers need to begin thinking about how they can weigh in and possibly collaborate on projects outside of their permanent sites.”

Champion added: “Consumers are requesting more control at all levels of their hotel experience. They want to build their own packages, receive transparency about costs, and cater their activities to their own interests and this is happening at many levels of the market, from budget to luxury.”

The survey was conducted among 500 people aged 20 to 35 in the UK, Germany and France.


Published on the 10, February 2018 By Hotel View

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