HAZ Bar & Restaurant in Mincing Lane, designed by London agency I-AM

HAZ Bar & Restaurant in Mincing Lane, designed by London agency I-AM

The restaurant concept is inspired by the art of Turkish Coffee, a balance between bitter and sweet, translated by light and dark areas to the restaurant; with intimate dining spaces at the front of the restaurant (the bitter), that transcend into the lighter, main dining area (the sweet cream). An emphasis has intentionally been placed on the bar offer stretching across the entrance to entice guests to return for an after-work cocktail or two.

Our new material palette comprises of sophisticated burnt-cocoa tones, sweet creams and highlights of coral, a metaphor for the bold spirit and distinguished elegance of HAZ. The feature ceiling has an undulating design, reflecting the ripples of a fresh coffee. Vibrant pops of colour and bring energy to the restaurant, inspired by the burning embers of the coal fires theatrically burning in the open kitchen, whilst the hints of copper throughout the restaurant create a sense of opulence and quality that propels the brand into the next level of dining experience. Since its opening earlier this year, it has seen it’s like-for-like sales up 30%.Even more recently, HAZ has opened its latest site in Finsbury Square which adapts our design concept to the space.

HAZ_Large Image 3

Published: 8 October, 2018 on Retail Times by Andrew Sykes

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