Customer experience focus for new Turkcell store format

Customer experience focus for new Turkcell store format


 Turkish mobile phone brand Turkcell has introduced a new store format at its flagship store in the Akasya shopping mall.

The store has been designed by I-AM, which previously worked with Turkcell to upgrade its user interface and online customer journey. Turkcell’s brief for the new store called for an environment that could showcase a large range of products in an exciting and engaging way.

In response, I-AM developed a store structured to have three main areas for customers to explore and experience the products and services available, in reflection of Turkcell’s three brand colours. The store focuses on fun and innovative customer experiences to create a buzz in-store.

The ‘Dance’ experience zone lets customers try out Internet of Things (IoT) technology and music products in a sound-proof booth.

The ‘Move’ area is a flexible space, designed as a stand that can accommodate seasonal offers and promotions, such as sports-related offers.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.16.47

The ‘Discover’ zone was developed specifically for the Akasya store, allows further investigation of products while driving brand awareness.


Published: 10 October, 2018 on Retail Design World by Matthew Valentine

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