I-AM Group Managing Director Jon Blakeney

Omni-Channel Brand Identity Design in Banking 6th May 2015

I-AM Group Managing Director Jon Blakeney was recently invited to speak to more than 900 industry insiders at the world’s biggest financial conference in Las Vegas.

The 2015 Financial Brand Forum is specifically engineered to help tackle the biggest branding, marketing and retail challenges through presentations, strategy sessions and interactive workshops

Below is a top-line look at his presentation on the subject of Omni-Channel Brand Identity Design in Banking.


Omni-Channel Brand Identity Design in Banking


Most financial institutions struggle achieving consistency from one touch-point to the next. Advertising has a flavour that isn’t reflected on the website, which in turn doesn’t align with the style of your branches. It sends a confusing mix of messages to consumers.

What you need is an integrated brand identity that ties everything together. It’s important to learn how to engineer a full, 360° brand experience using a unique, customer-centric design process.

With an omni-channel approach to branding, you will capture consumers’ attention and connect with them emotionally on all fronts.


Three key points:


  • Unite every aspect of your brand experience and express your organization’s personality through strategic design
  • Engage and delight customers with branding elements that resonate across all touch points
  • Craft a cohesive banking brand identity that transcends a single channel — online, mobile and branches 

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