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Memorable Campaigns for ‘Boring’ Industries 11th February 2014

Some industries, like fashion, cosmetics and cars, seem flashy, fun and vibrant. Others, like healthcare, insurance and security – not so much. No one really wants to talk about what the most popular Internet security software is, or what your car insurance premium is. But nonetheless, the less-engaging industries still need to make a splash on social media and in marketing campaigns.

This means that they need to get a little more creative, and even poke fun at themselves at times – like Radioshack did with its Super Bowl commercial, implying that they were stuck in the ‘80s.

Creating a strong brand identity is the goal of all marketers, and these “boring” industries proved it’s possible – no matter what product or service you offer. So what can you do to make a lasting impression in a lackluster industry?

Get people talking. It sounds simple, but going viral isn’t always the easiest. The key is to have a very specific angle – like comedy, nostalgia or music. By narrowing your focus, you can tell a more specific narrative and engage more people.

Create a mascot to identify with. Progressive did it with Flo. Geico did it with the Gecko. Creating a mascot to accompany your brand is a smart move for an industry that doesn’t have flashy products to speak for it.

Keep it simple. You don’t have a lot of time to appeal to a consumer – online, they can scroll right past you. In a video, if you don’t hook them within the first couple seconds, they’re moving on. Keep your marketing plan simple, concise and clear.

Here are a few examples of some of the best advertising from low-key industries:

Old Spice. Deodorant and body wash certainly aren’t the most exciting products to market. But Old Spice turned in a stellar marketing performance by enlisting former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa to be the Old Spice Guy – “the man your man could smell like.” The fast-paced, witty commercials went viral, won big-time awards and were a marketer’s dream campaign.

Dropbox. Cloud-storage – definitely not a Friday-night dinner conversation starter. But chances are, someone you know has had a conversation about Dropbox. They’ve had crazy growth, and now they have 4 million customers. How’d they do it? Word of mouth. That’s impressive for an online technology company. Its simple website and referral program is a smart marketing tool to get people talking.

By Michelle Smith

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