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Marriott Bonvoy

If you are a habitual traveler it’s likely you’ve stayed in one of Marriott International’s 6,700 hotels, operating 30 brands, spanning across 130 countries. However, with the increasing amount of choice, from Airbnb, boutique hotels, mobile lodgings or exclusive residential concepts, traditional hotel concepts face stiff competition. Marriott Bonvoy has been created to simplify that choice by bringing its brands together under one loyalty programme. The aim is to create a cohesive story for travelers, optimise their rewards and streamline consumer choice, with a core focus on putting experiences first.

This move away from product and towards experiences is one that can be seen across the travel and hospitality landscape, and brands more generally – our research shows that 95% of people feel that hotels have the responsibility to introduce them to local culture I-AM (2017)

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IKEA has continuously tried to develop and improve its sustainability initiatives, and now, its setting to launch an air-purifying curtain coated with a mineral-based surface that breaks down common pollutants. The surface of the curtain is treated with a mineral that breaks down air pollution when light shines through it, allowing users to purify the air within their own spaces – the product will be available in-stores next year.

This is some serious product innovation that does good and looks good. With over half of shoppers in the UK and the USA saying they feel better when buying sustainable products, there is an untapped £817 Billion opportunity for brands that make their sustainability credentials clear according to Unilever (2017).

It’s an ongoing and positive trend that we have seen across all industries – brands are making radical changes to their environmental policies. By rethinking packaging, data and transparency, they’re making a commitment to getting their environmental impact down to zero. Make your brand a sustainable one too, if the task is too big to take on your own, collaborate with other brands so you can deliver a promise to your consumers everywhere.

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Over the nine years that WOW has been running the world has seen a huge shift in the way women are treated and represented. We think it’s especially important to continue the conversation around this, and with International women’s day coming up, we suggest you check out the 2019 Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre.

Over two days, an amazing line-up from famous artists, writers and activists will partake in a programme that includes discussions, debates, workshops, performances and activism, celebrating female achievements and highlighting the challenges women face.

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