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I-AM THREE THINGS April 2020 15th April 2020

What is Three things? Three Things blog posts covers news-bits that showcase an impact on PEOPLE along with INSPIRING works whether it is design, strategy or concept-led, and shares with you entertaining new EXPERIENCES. In other words the I-AM ethos.

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Brand trust has always been important and this has become even more crucial during this crisis. Appropriate communication can influence consumer purchases and other opportunities for brands. Edelman released a special report focused on brand trust amid the coronavirus pandemic. This Edelman Trust Barometer 2020, shares interesting consumer insight and peoples’ expectations, views and desires about how brands should be communicating, approaching their messaging and the type of content that is of interest.

This latest report by Edelman sheds some light on what customers value during this challenging period. We hope it helps you in finding the best way to continue to build your brands relationship with your audience.

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We’ve been seeing how the grocery industry has been trying to tackle consumer demand from stockpiling to increasing delivery demands. Here are some of the recent examples and approaches that are not only interesting but show that collaboration and innovation are essential to survive this crisis.
Tesco has experienced significant pressure on its online business with customers shifting to e-commerce during the lockdown. They’ve consequently added 145,000 new online delivery slots with plans of pushing that even further. On the other hand, for grocers with less structural capacity, interesting collaborations have been happening. Deliveroo has partnered with several grocery retailers to offer at-home delivery, including Co-opM&S and more recently Morrisons. These latest partnerships aim to offer essential items such as pasta, milk, bread and baby milk that are in particularly high demand and make sure that people can still replenish while avoiding contact with anyone. We’ve also seen Sainsbury’s approach of piloting deliveries from ‘dark’ convenience stores. Even more, interestingly Retail Week has shared a recap of the inventive ways grocery retailers across the world are tackling serving consumers during coronavirus. From JD.com in China approaching contactless delivery by using robots to US’s Kroger offering more click-and-collect services to avoid busy stores and Australian retailer Coles opening pop-up distribution centres to cater to unprecedented demand for essential goods.

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We hope you had a good Easter break; weather has been glorious, albeit the doom and gloom of corona… and while in the past we would’ve recommended outdoor experiences for you to enjoy, we hope this time you #stayedathome and if you went out, we hope you practised #socialdistancing.
We decided to share some ‘stay at home’ wellness activities for you to consider. We know everyone has upped the working out from home set up, but screen time has been at an all-time high, while we understand we also think everyone could benefit resting them eyes from those synthetic lights. That’s’ why we’re sharing this article by Stylist in our Experience section, and they have gathered a little list of activities one can enjoy without more screen-time; from craft kits, podcast binging to some self-care. 

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