I-AM Interviews: Peter 30th January 2017

Our final I-AMer under the spotlight is Pete, an interior designer who joined our London Studio last year …

Why does I-AM run workshops, where do they come in the life of a project?

The workshops come right at the start. We outline with the client the target consumer and take them through a map, which allows them to understand where they sit in their market. We then take them on a virtual and / or physical store tour, which is good for our relations as we spend the whole day with them and get to grips with what they’re about. It’s our job to expose them to new design inspiration and things they might not have considered. They can pick out particular elements that they find interesting. We then provide a summary document, which ultimately forms the creative brief for the project. I’ve worked in many consultancies and I-AM have the most detailed client approach that I’ve ever experienced.

How involved are you as a designer?

We’re completely involved. Everyone plays as big a part as one another in the whole process. I will lead the interior side of things but it’s obviously a completely collaborative process.

How useful are the workshops to the rest of the project?

They’re fundamental, the level of detail that we go into to understand where the client’s business will sit within their market and the customer we’re delivering the brand for. Being vocal allows the client and us to flush out what they actually want. It forms the brief for the project going forward.

Can you tell us about the most memorable Workshop you were a part of?

We worked recently with Waitrose and that was great. They have such a detailed understanding of their market, it was an exciting challenge to try and come up with places that they hadn’t experienced.

What is the best thing about working at I-AM?

I work with a bunch of reprobates but they’re pretty cool bunch. The studio is phenomenal and the work we get through is great. The skill set I use is diverse as we go from sketches to 3D models to construction on site. This is one of the rare professions where you can go and stand in your work.

Thank you Peter. Another great insight into life at I-AM!

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