I-AM Interviews: Emma 13th January 2017

Next up in our series of interviews about life at I-AM is Emma, a graphic designer in our London studio…

Hi Emma! What sort of projects do you work on at I-AM?

There always tends to be quite a mix of projects in the studio so the projects vary. I’ve worked with a lot of start-ups, so I work with clients to help them build their idea and brand from scratch. I also work with some bigger, already established brands and this usually involves helping them to elevate their existing brand and the way they communicate to their customers. These projects can vary from restaurants to retail spaces through to destination experiences.

How much contact do you have with clients?

With any project there will always be a director, a 2D designer, a 3D designer and an account manager. The account manager is the main point of contact between the client and I-AM but the designer will always attend every meeting and presentation. It’s important that the designers build a relationship with their clients so they can begin to trust them and this enables the designers to channel the brand’s direction.

Tell us about a client you’ve got to know well.

We have been working with KFC for 2 years now, which has enabled us to gain great knowledge of the brand, what they stand for and how they want to move forward. It’s really important to understand the functional and business model structures when working with such a large global corporation. One small change to their business model or brand has a huge global effect. Working with a client over a long period of time also means you can bond as people, which always helps a working relationship.

What’s the best thing about working at I-AM?

The people – they are what makes it so enjoyable to come in everyday. We work hard but we also socialise together and we laugh a lot and that counts for a lot in my eyes!

Thanks Emma!

Keep an eye out for more I-AMer interviews in the coming weeks. There’s also still time to apply for our paid internship positions!

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