Halloween Pumpkins at I-Am

Halloween at I-AM 2nd November 2012

Seasonal spirit is never short here in the ‘i-am’ studio and this Halloween was no different. We held a pumpkin carving competition, which saw the best-carved pumpkins of Shoreditch come together, all under one roof. Voted for in a secret ballot, the winners were announced and are as follows:

Third place went to Claire Parkinson who displayed incredible skill and technique, despite adverse carving apparatus.

Second place went to James Cox for his uncanny take on Tim Burton’sNightmare Before Christmas skeleton.

But the winner was Kristina Gren who carved not one, but two incredible pumpkins. Setting her sights on even bigger and bolder pumpkin designs for next year, Kristina is set to be the next emerging star of the pumpkin carving world… watch this space!

Special commendation also goes to Jen Kuhn who carved FIVE pumpkins for her Halloween party; now that is true Halloween dedication.

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