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Finding your starter for ten 30th June 2015

You only have to get a good view of London’s skyline to tick off the many big businesses that have headquarters here, but did you know there’s booming trade at the opposite end of the scale as well?

It’s never been easier to leave that city job behind, make your passion a profession and be your own boss. All over London, shared workspaces are springing up to house these start-up and micro businesses. So if you’re weighing up making that big idea of yours full time, read our tips for choosing the best place to settle down and get to work.

1. When you’re starting out, every person you meet is a potential opportunity. Make the most of being in a shared workspace by choosing somewhere that actively promotes the community that works there – be it through networking events or tailored introductions.

2. Space for those all-important brainstorm sessions is essential. Meeting rooms are often not included in the membership fee so check out cost and availability, and ask if windows can be used for drawings and notes. It’s a cheap but effective way of personalising your area and saves getting the whiteboards out!

3. So you’ve just started, but where will the business be in a year? It’s important to think ahead and choose a workspace with room for you to grow. Some companies have offices across the city or even in other countries, handy if you’re likely to be on the move.

4. You’ll find some workspaces are tailored for certain sectors, like technology or social enterprises. Get off to a good start by ensuring you’ll be in the right crowd and eligible for any incubator programmes that are run.

5. Finally, and most importantly, consider how the different workspaces make you feel: motivated? Inspired? Productive? This could be your life’s work, so find an environment that suits you.

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