I-AM Financial Trends Newsletter 2019 26th July 2019

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Pete Champion chaired the World Branch Transformation conference in Barcelona and discussed I-AM’s insight for re-inventing the branch. The retail branch remains the most lucrative channel for banks, however, we still see a significant percentage of branches that are designed primarily to offer a heavily transactional experience. Today’s rapidly evolving customer base are as digitally driven as they are experience driven. Customers expect more, and your branches can do more.

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I-AM took part in this year’s Efma workshops for the ‘Learning Expedition’ event, hosted at StudioB in Kensington. Partnering with David Judic from CYBG and Jon Blakeney from I-AM, we presented our approach on working together to create the BWorks concept ‘Learn. Work. Bank’. We shared our insight on how we developed the B Works branch in Manchester, from the branding to the customer journey and the experience design.

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Taking steps to make traditional banking processes more user-friendly and efficient, Natwest has become the first UK high street bank to allow customers to open an account with just photo ID and a selfie. The move streamlines the normally time-consuming process by removing the requirement to visit a branch and wait for verification.


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In an effort to determine the effectiveness of digital transformation investments on the customer experience, Kony, Inc. surveyed both enterprise businesses and their customers in the following four verticals: banking, retail, utilities, and healthcare.

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The Kony Digital Experience 2019 Index Survey reveals how critical it is for businesses to have a more important focus on understanding and aligning with customer needs, experiences and priorities so as to make the most out of their investment in digital transformation.

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In case you missed it! Check out the launch of our latest Finance White Paper – “Moments of Change” available for download on our trends & insight portal I-AM Shift. The Spring 2019 Finance White Paper explores the way banking and financial services are being rethought for digital natives.

From guidance, support in financial planning and acknowledging the new generation’s needs, banks can have an impact and build strong relationship with its customers, find out how by reading our paper.


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