EFMA: Innovation Summit Takeouts 2019 18th October 2019


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Presenting “Staying relevant in the age of Innovation” – our London Creative Director Paul Tynan, discussed innovations in banking, from the ways you can remain relevant to your target audience, to how a great banking experience is more than just digital transformation and tech. Referencing our work for Bworks, a new banking experience for CYBG based on the concept of Learn. Work. Bank.

Here’s more on what we shared at the event:


We’ve moved from branches first, to devices first. We no longer have to visit branches, technology offers choice and empowers us to have control over the experience.

It is important to acknowledge that today, there is a ‘base level’ for banks. It needs to ensure that all basic transactional services can be handled through digital solutions across desktop, mobile devices, remotely as well as in branch.

However, whilst technology offers countless opportunities, similar to the approach with Amazon Go stores, it’s about merging the experience to enhance the physical space with supporting digital innovations.

Innovation in banking shouldn’t just stop at developing the best financial tech solutions. It’s about a full brand experience and omni channel touchpoints.



Understand your customers: Research your customer needs to better understand the role branches can provide.

Whether it’s offering convenience, building strong customer relationships, providing advice and educational services or even being a source of inspiration.


Evolve from being simply functional to more emotional

Peoples’ finances play a huge part in making their dreams come true and supporting them through key life moments. Think about how the physical branch experience may help support customers towards or through these situations.


The banking experience is about choreography 

It’s about three key elements working seamlessly together: Physical, Human and Digital. All of these features are core touchpoints within the brand experience, they all matter and have an impact in different ways, but above all they support each other – it’s important to make sure all the elements work together and are not working in isolation.





This latest project transforms the physical relationship between banks and its customers. We worked with CYBG to establish the concept B Works, which formed a new type of banking environment with a financial lifestyle space inspired by the notion of Learn. Work. Bank.

Key Takeouts for Bworks:

1. B is a digital banking service that helps put you in control of your money. Empowering their customers.

2. A current and instant savings account that works together, managed them all through an app. Offering digital solutions that cater to their target audiences’ lifestyle needs.

3. B lets you spend, save and borrow in one place. Creating a seamless and convenient transactional banking experience.

Learn: Along with event spaces that can be used for social learning and entertainment, it includes a retail exhibition space in partnership with a global fashion brand Boohoo, introducing a new and fresh feature to the banking environment, and showcasing the ways in which B bank can assist with local business growth.

Work: We designed a large and sophisticated co-working space, with semi-private meeting areas and shared wall spaces, allowing business and entrepreneurs to collaborate and network.

Bank: The space includes a number of hospitality areas, such as a café with a multifunctional bar with banking staff to help customers with their financial inquiries, all within a friendly and informal setting.


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