We are truly delighted with I-AM's dedication, performance and commitment. They've achieved and exceeded our expectations within the heavily competitive telecom environment of Turkey.
Gülçin Alıcı Gökçe Trade Marketing Director, Turkcell

Bringing Turkcell’s Offer to Life Through a Playful Flagship Experience

Following our work with Turkcell on upgrading their user interface, improving their online customer journey and successfully developing the design concept for their store in Akasya shopping mall, Turkish telecom giant Turkcell briefed us to develop a flagship experience for its beloved store in Pera – one of the most nostalgic neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Turkcell wanted a store design concept that could showcase a large range of products in an exciting and engaging way. With that in mind, we created an experience-based store, integrated with the street spirit, comprising of three main zones, where customers can easily interact with the products in a relaxed and friendly environment.

An Innovative Customer Journey Embracing the Latest Technologies

Offering the latest innovative IoT products, the new Turkcell store presents a customer journey embracing the latest mobile technologies both in music and sports. The customers are greeted with the touchstone of this particular neighborhood, Istiklal Street– the tram unit. With this unit presenting 8 hero products under the nostalgic tram sign, we aimed to design a store that is an organic extension of the street. The paving stones guide the customers inside the store and trees rise in between the street furniture inspired display units.

Also located in the center, the plant-covered branding zone includes a waiting lounge area that is inspired by the Beyoğlu street cafés. The idea was to help the customers to interact with the staff in a casual atmosphere and spend their time while waiting in a positive mood. For the tram unit, we have adapted a working tram mechanism into our design, and the plant wall was made through flash-freezing real plants.

Designing the Dance, Move and Discover Experience Zones

The ‘Dance’ experience zone lets customers experience IoT and music products on a typical street food cart inspired unit. Customers can now connect their own mobile devices to the speakers and test their performance. The ‘Move’ experience zone lets customers experiment with sports related products. this zone aims to transform the displayed gadgets into objects of desire, where customers can play around and interact, all whilst engaging with the Turkcell brand. Meanwhile, the ‘Discover’ Zone is a unit where customers can discover the newest devices and familiarise themselves with the latest IoT technologies.

In the mezzanine floor, an office and resting zone for the staff were located, utilising the advantage of Pera’s in-store height. Similarly, this advantage let us create a poster display zone on the upper walls of the store. Covering all the walls, this exhibition-like area displays the original posters of all the shows, festivals and events sponsored by Turkcell – from past to present, reflecting the brand’s endorsement of art and culture, in the neighbourhood which is historically the cultural centre of Istanbul.

Bringing the Retail Space to the Next Level with Great Results

After the store has opened its doors with its new concept, it was highly appreciated by its customers. Within a few months after the opening, the market research conducted by Turkcell revealed that the customers have found the shop very remarkable and customer-centric. With this innovative store concept that drives the brand into the next level of retail experience, we have exceeded the expectations of a heavily competitive telecom environment of Turkey.

What we did

• Interior Design
• Visual Language
• Art Direction
• Branded Environments