We are truly delighted with I-AM's dedication, performance and commitment. They've achieved and exceeded our expectations within the heavily competitive telecom environment of Turkey.
Gülçin Alıcı Gökçe Trade Marketing Director, Turkcell

Try, Discover, Dance: A New Flagship Store Experience

Having successfully worked with Turkcell on upgrading their user interface and improving their online customer journey, they followed with a brief to enhance their flagship store design concept in Akasya shopping mall. We worked on integrating a fresh touch to their pre-existing store concept through the addition of experience zones.

For Akasya store, Turkcell wanted a store design concept that could showcase a large range of products in a exciting and engaging way. With that in mind, we created an experience-based store, structured as three main areas, where customers can easily interact with the products in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Designing an Experience Store

Beginning with the ‘Dance’ experience zone, where customers could try IoT and music products in a sound-proof booth. Customers can now connect their mobiles to the speakers and test them by playing with the volume.

The ‘Move’ experience area is a flexible stand concept, that can accommodate the seasonal changes in services and product offers. In this zone, customers can experiment with sports related products. The purpose of this space is to transform the product into a desired object, where customers can play around and interact with these gadgets, all whilst engaging with the Turkcell brand.

For the ‘Discover’ zone, we designed a concept specifically for the Akasya store, inspired by the three Turkcell’s brand colors, a place where customers can discover their latest devices and familiarise themselves with the IoT products.

As for the service area, which is generally placed in the back of the Turkcell stores, we moved it to the center of the Akasya store, allowing customers to interact with the entire store environment whilst waiting for their services and enquiries to be handled.

The three zones and the service area design allow to positively increase brand awareness and product interaction through fun and innovative customer experiences.

What we did

• Interior Design
• Visual Language
• Art Direction
• Branded Environments