Pawnbrokers of Distinction

Suttons & Robertson Retail Brand Refresh & Interior Design

Suttons & Robertsons are Britain’s oldest pawnbroker. With over two hundred years of heritage and experience, they wished to become known as the leading high-end pawnbroking brand throughout the UK. In support of this goal and in the face of growing competition from online pay day lenders, I-AM were appointed to rebrand the company and create a new customer experience.

A Unique Point of Difference

The work centred on Suttons & Robertsons’ high-level benefit of lending a lot of money quickly with no hassle. I-AM emphasised the unique point of difference that Suttons & Robertsons consider lending against any asset. This opened up opportunities to improve the company’s retail offer and this heavily informed the brand and interior design.

Suttons & Robertsons are now positioned as ‘The Authority in Pawnbroking’, a more reliable and creditable alternative to their online competition. The new brand and store design is now being rolled out through the UK.

What we did

Brand Identity
Brand Mark
Brand Application
Interior Design