“The processes I-AM use to ideate are world class. Every interaction with the I-AM team energizes the next like a chain reaction – you find that at the end you really have something special and different to shout about."
Chris Holmes SMASH Founder & CEO

SMASH ‘Save Money & Stay Healthy’

SMASH is a teenage discount app designed to increase access and affordability of healthy food for every young person in the UK and help solve the childhood obesity crisis. With youth obesity levels at an all-time high, abundance is often encouraged, and unhealthy options are not always as obvious as one would assume, add to this those healthier alternatives are usually more expensive and it is clear that change is needed. Noticing the limited support in place to enable young people to make healthier choices, founder Chris Holmes begun developing an idea to fill this gap. I-AM accompanied Chris in his journey, creating a new brand that resonates with the target audience and is there to support them with a healthier lifestyle. We worked closely with Chris to develop SMASH’s brand positioning, create the name & visual identity and work with his team and developers to bring the app to life.

Making Healthier Choices Easy For Young People

The brief was to create the brand positioning and identity for a platform that would offer 13-24-year olds discounts on healthy food choices and help them understand the nutritional make up of qualifying products. By increasing the accessibility and affordability of healthier options at food retailers, SMASH hopes to provide young people with the tools they need to make more informed choices, enabling them to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Early on we established that SMASH’s values focused on ‘doing the right thing’ – offering a sense of support in a straightforward manner, and making its users feel that it is always striving to provide new and better options that assist in making healthier choices.

Creating More Than a Food App : A Global Food Community

Evidently SMASH has attractive functional benefits, as it helps save money and increases access to healthy options, however our objective was to also make it into an emotional brand. Allowing SMASH to reinforce its connection with its users. That meant incorporating and promoting key features such as education and inspiration, financial savings as well as access to a global food community.

We felt it was important that the brand reflect this and after workshopping various options, landed on the name SMASH – an acronym for the brand’s strapline: Save Money and Stay Healthy.

SMASH is fun and playful; its tone of voice is encouraging and conversational and it embodies the belief that healthy doesn’t have to be boring. SMASH’s identity entices users through its energetic name and distinctive colour palette.

Inspired by the simplicity and flexibility of modern brands, the SMASH brand is comprised of core brand elements and a suite of flexible assets; this allows for both consistency and adaptability – a key factor when needing to accommodate a wide range of retailers on the app. Furthermore, the concept of choice is reflected in the brand’s iconic 50/50 diagonals and contrasting colour pairings.

Following the brand creation, we have collaborated with SMASH’s app developers to define the user experience and apply the brand design to the user interface. As part of this process, we have also led the ideation for various app features and ways to gamify the app to encourage frequent and sustained use as well as exploring ways to create a SMASH community.


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