Turkey's Postal Services Organisation New Branch - 'PTT Innovation' acts as a hub of innovation and the brands' branch of the future.

PTT Innovative: An Exceptional Self Service Experience

We worked together with PTT, Turkey’s Postal Services Organisation to design a branch concept titled PTT Innovative, this latest space emphasizes on technology and innovation whilst being able to operate with less employees through digital integration. PTT Innovative is located at the entrance of PTT’s IT Department, acting as a hub of innovation and branch of the future. The aim of this self-serve flagship design is to offer the best customer experience with the least employees; this pioneering concept is anticipated to become the reference for future PTT branches.

Shaping The Customer Journey To The Services Provided

PTT is the leading brand for postal & cargo services and have recently expanded their capabilities with banking services. After analysing their processes, we structured PTT’s services into two main categories: banking and post-cargo. Following this, we outlined two different customer journeys that would create a simpler and more efficient in branch experience for consumers.

A Technology-Led Branch Experience

PTT Innovative is a branch with a full-service offering even though it is an unmanned. The bank and post-cargo operations are carried out in separate areas, differentiated by colour codes. In the area dedicated to banking transactions, there are ‘Sustainable Teller machines (STM)’ where all banking transactions can be carried out with an assistant present should someone need help. This latest branch includes sophisticated machines and digital tellers where large amounts of cash can be deposited and where coins can be converted into bills, these offerings are new and not available in past PTT branches.

A Modern Brand Identity Reinforced By Innovative Design Features

The refreshed brand identity and modernised brand experience are supported by the various digital integrations across the branch. In the post & cargo reception area customers are greeted by digital screens, with the content showcasing PTT’s milestones, knowledge and performance over the years. In the centre of the branch, a set of tables feature touch screens combined with VR technology. Through these touch screens devoted to PTT Philarelic, Eptt and PTT Book Services, customers can interact with these various offerings, inform themselves and make purchases. In the lounge area, customers can access all of PTT’s services via tablets and organise the details to send out their post and mail without staff involvement. Moreover, the 24/7 cargo device located by the exterior facade, allows customers to pick up their cargo at any time.

Alongside the efficient amenities and tech features, the branch also includes an impressive postcard wall and a meeting room for VIP clients – supporting a best in class  brand experience and customer service.

What we did

• Design Research
• Signage & Application
• Branded Environments
• Interior Design