A Contemporary Living Space for the Los Angeles Collective

Designing a Co-Living Residential Concept 

Our design concept for Outpost was to have an alternative stance, stepping away from the lavish Hollywood influences and embrace an urban and contemporary living experience that represents the new LA lifestyle.

The Outpost is a residential project that has been developed in response to the expensive housing situation in the region. This project takes place in the midst of the transformations of Los Angeles, introducing a living space consisting of 1 + 1 residences that can be rented for at least a week, at most for a year. Together we set off with the goal of creating a seamless balance between private and collective living spaces, supported by a variety of functional areas.

As a result of our workshops, we were able to uncover what their target audience expect of shared areas, the activities and atmosphere they desired for these communal spaces. We also noticed that many of their customers needed a workspace where they could spread out and have room to accommodate guests and clients; many also wanted a venue-space where they could socialise and host events, as well as a workshop or flexi-area, where they could organise inspiring sessions such as yoga and meditation. For this reason, everything in the communal areas has been designed to be agile and convertible so as to cater to various needs and activities.

What we did

• Customer Analysis
• Branding
• Signage & Application
• Interior Design