Take your mind to Its peak

Training the MYND 

We worked with founder of MYND Roberto Forzoni, a peak performance consultant specialising in helping individuals achieve their potential with the resources they have at their disposal.

The MYND app is a platform providing research-based psychological education and support to all its users – training the mindset of users by building confidence, optimism, happiness and encouraging behavioural change, improving general wellbeing.

A Digital Yet Human Experience

Although the brand communicates through an app and offers a digital journey, it tackles the human condition, therefore it was key for the experience to be friendly, welcoming, accessible, personalised whilst also having personality. Leading to a brand name and tone of voice across the app that represents not only the values of mind and performance but interacts with a human touch.

The brand needed to be confident as well as trustworthy. We created the name MYND with the tagline “Take your mind to its peak” – as the app was about helping the user reach a peak within their psychological performance and wellbeing, this idea of ‘peak’ was also reflected through the final brand mark.

For Everyone’s Wellbeing

Following the creation of the brand we developed the UX and UI design of the app. Our objective was to make this information approachable to everyone through the design and build of a mobile application, targeted at adults and wellbeing-conscious users. We started off with the brand creation using colour psychology as a tool throughout the design process.

Testing at every step of the way. We also integrated gamification and attractive iconography to encourage a positive user engagement. The result was an interface that was simple to navigate, performed efficiently to user-tasks and an effortless experience that makes it easy to pick up wherever you left off.


What we did

User Experience
User Interface
Wireframe Design
Prototype & Testing
Visual Concept Design