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Jabba Beach Hut Destination Branding?

As part of their Bathing Beauties Festival, The Lincolnshire County Council commissioned an international competition to create a beach hut that would play its part in reinvigorating the Lincolnshire coast, bringing new thinking and interesting design to an overlooked and neglected part of Britain.

I-AM created an entry based on a cave – perhaps the earliest form of seaside dwelling. Christened ‘Jabba’, the hut was designed using layers of timber, glass and aluminium, materials chosen specifically to age gracefully in the winds and weather of the North Sea coast.

I-AM won the competition and Jabba was constructed in time for the Bathing Beauties Festival in September 2007. Jabba is now an intriguing landmark in Mablethorpe and continues to provide pleasure to both the local community and tourists alike.

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