Self-service at a national institution

Isbank Brand Identity & Branch Interior Design

Established by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, Isbank is a national institution and enjoys a powerful bond with the Turkish people. The bank wanted to create a self-service proposition that could provide them with a clear competitive advantage in Turkey and show that they are a progressive, forward-thinking brand.

The Isbank Customer Experience

I-AM created a dynamic and engaging self-service bank design concept that offered customers quick and easy 24-hour banking at remote kiosks, stand-alone formats and within existing branches. The approach targeted customer types who would usually prefer to use counter services and presented technology in a friendly and accessible way. In harmony with this concept, I-AM also designed the Isbank ‘Bankamatik’ ATM screens.

The first test sites proved an immediate success with customers. The stand-alone self-service branch has broken the mould for Turkish banking, offering customers great service at any time of the day in convenient locations at a greatly reduced operating cost for the bank. Based on this success I-AM are integrating the new self-service approach to all existing branches.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Application
Interior Design
Experience Design
ATM Design