HUPALUPA is a new entertainment brand and concept aimed at encouraging quality time for families.

Designing an Energetic Entertainment Brand Experience for Families

We worked with Metropol Istanbul Shopping Centre to create a new entertainment brand aimed at encouraging quality time for families. Our brief was to create a challenging, encouraging, cheerful and energetic brand that appealed to both children and parents. This project started with us positioning the brand, profiling key target customers and using this insight to advance with generating a brand name.

Following a collaborative naming session, we all fell in love with the name ‘Hupalupa’. A fun, easy to pronounce and ownable name that would set them apart from their competition. The brand we developed

Shaping A Fun and Engaging Brand

The space we designed is made up of multiple areas, from Bowling, Soft Play to a Workshop area. Using inspiration from the Memphis Group of the 1980’s, we played with a vibrant colour palette and shapes that engaged with our target audience and oozed fun and energy.

The brand suite we developed allows for flexibility with each zone taking on subtly different design features. To separate out each zone, we created a series of patterns and used our bright and playful colour palette to differentiate each one in a unique yet cohesive way.

As well as printed collateral, we used our brand patterns and shapes to create a 3D representation of the elements within the space. This truly brought the brand to life and made for an exciting and interactive environment.

The HUPALUPA centre includes other offerings such as a café, bar and store for which we have designed all the collateral for. From stationery to cups, to bags and takeaway items. The overall brand look and feel stands out within the space as well as out through the tasteful and playful merchandise.

What we did

• Brand Positioning
• Name Generation
• Customer Profiling
• Customer Journey
• Brand Identity
• Graphic Design
• Brand Guidelines
• Branded Environments
• Signage & Application
• Interior Design