We feel fortunate to be working with I-AM, the collaboration has been a wonderful journey and they have exceeded our expectations.
Sara Kristófersdóttir CCO of Center Hotels

Designing a Local Hangout and Destination Venue

Hedinn Kitchen & Bar, is a restaurant concept which is located within Grandi by CenterHotels, in a historic building that was once a steelworks factory. Hedinn is the name of the company that once held the factory, and acts as a nod to the history of the building along with the remaining industrial elements. As a sister restaurant to the larger CenterHotels group’s dining offering, which includes the likes of LOA and HULA located in its other hotels around Reykjavik; Hedinn is also inspired by the overarching concept of man vs nature. This restaurant concept is part of a the larger CenterHotels brand strategy, of creating a series of new dining offerings in their hotels. With the aim to become the most vibrant and memorable restaurant brand in land. With a unique sense of warmth, energy, and atmosphere.

The space is designed across a mezzanine layout, with the street entrance allowing access to a local cafe in the day and casual wine bar in the evening, the lower floor then opens up on the Kitchen & Bar dining area. This post industrial warehouse acts as the perfect environment to apply the concept of Icelands’ forces, combining its industrial heritage with organic elements. This juxtaposition is represented by both the graphics and the interiors inspired by the topography of where the elements meet, such as the volcanic map of Iceland cut out across the flooring and printed on the feature wall. The topography is further translated throughout the shape of the bar with its rough rocky edge, and the form of the artistic ceiling sculpture which heroes the grill area.

The scale of the space has also allowed for private rooms to act as flexi-meeting areas, private dining and venues for hire, a key aspect that focuses on local audience needs while also becoming a popular destination venue for hotel customers.


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