We are grateful to I-AM for
their positive, pro-active
and creative style.
Aylin Obali Training Manager, Garanti

Garanti Video Portal Interactive Design & UX

Garanti’s training department is constantly creating training videos for the bank’s thousands of employees, to take them even further in their career. In order to access all of the employees in an efficient way and to increase the visibility of the training videos, Garanti collaborated with I-AM to design a brand new video portal.

Video Portal Design Research

Meetings were held with Garanti to gain a deeper knowledge about the operation of the system, its content structure and the needs and requirements of its users. This knowledge helped us to determine the design direction and required additional functions of the new video portal. The main goal was to deliver the video content in an interesting and engaging way to the employees.

Interaction Structure Design

To achieve this goal, a new interaction structure was designed. This structure allows employees to easily access to the most up-to-date and popular videos. The new portal also introduces a social element by allowing users to like, share and comment on training videos.

We concluded the Interactive design and UX project by creating a matching visual concept design, which delivers great user experience and invokes pleasure of use.

What we did

Navigation Design
Structural Design
Visual Design
Interactive Design