Making numerical data pleasurable

Garanti Pusula and Vitamin Portal Interactive Design

We believe transforming under-performers to overachievers is easy through engaging user-centred design. That’s why Garanti worked in collaboration with I-AM to design a portal, Pusula, to track the performance data of employees. To keep the design of the portal pleasurable and clear, infographics were used, providing the information in a compact and fun way.

Vitamin Portal Design

The success of this project led to the design of another portal, Vitamin, through which career progression plans of the employees who do not reach their targets can be managed. With the help of Vitamin, team leaders can easily manage and follow online training plans and training processes of the underperformers. When we started designing Vitamin portal, we had one big problem: an abundance of data! In order to overcome this problem, I-AM designers carefully categorized each and every piece of information for a better understanding and easier use.

An additional interface has been planned to personalise training program selection for those employees who don’t reach their targets. Feedback on the systems from Garanti management and employees alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

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