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Hüsnü Erel Vice President

Garanti ATM & Interface Design

Garanti is the second largest and most profitable bank, that receives international praise for their innovative digital services, in Turkey. Garanti ATM is not just another cash withdrawal and deposit machine, but a stand alone service outlet that allows more than 100 financial transactions. Garanti asked I-AM to design their ATM interface and user flow in order to improve the overall user experience, while ensuring consistency between all transactions and all service channels.

Observation and Analysis

An interesting observation during our system analysis
 was a majority of ATM users consisted of those who had only one account or who used predominantly one account in their ATM transactions even if they had more. Observations like these constructed the basis of the design strategy.

In the mean time, during usability tests, user behavior and tendencies were observed and the problems with the old ATM screens were identified. These included inefficient flows, inadequate feedback, legibility issues, time required to process information. The menu hierarchy was formed through card sorting.

ATM Customer Experience

As a result, a brand new ATM experience for Garanti customers was designed. Cash withdrawal and deposit, two most frequently used functions among more than 100, were made more visible
by the introduction of the Fast Menu. Balance information was made more transparent with the welcoming screen. Users can also reach their latest transactions through this menu as well as the traditional Home menu.

Information provided on the screens, especially table formats and confirmation page formats were designed in order to overcome the problems identified in the usability tests.

In line with the innovative and dynamic brand image of the bank, ATM visuals were designed to emphasize a warmer side of technology to attract customers even those showing resistance to digital channels.

What we did

Customer Research
Usability test
Card sorting
Userflow Design
ATM Design