Empowering patients and health professionals with a user-friendly digital health experience.

Empowering Patients and Health Professionals with Digital Health App

We designed the Galenclinic tele-medicine app that offers remote health management, diagnosis and treatment experience. Galenclinic aims to cater to busy employees, patients with chronic diseases who need frequent contact with doctors, seniors with reduced mobility and people with limited access to the hospital.

Our objective for this project was to provide access to physicians without contact, especially during the pandemic period, and to make the treatment process when possible contact-free, accessible, risk-free and economical for patients. In this context, we aimed to provide users with fast, efficient and user-friendly services to doctors and health professionals.

From Telemedicine to AI Diagnosis Assistance


Patient and doctor consultations can easily be booked via the app, with the option of face-to-face or virtual meetings, catering to the needs and preferences of both patients and healthcare professionals. Online appointments can be booked at any suitable time, regardless of location. It offers a comfortable, cost-effective and accessible solution to patients who are not able to see a doctor in person.

This solution provides an elevated patient experience using technology to tap into local and international health services. Moreover, algorithms led by artificial intelligence ensure that the patient is directed to the most appropriate clinic based on their symptoms, thus preventing overcrowding in polyclinics. The integration of AI also supports the physician who often has to make a decision within a small timeframe, thus contributing to making an accurate diagnosis.

The app also enables the doctor to accompany the patient during the treatment process and provide the necessary follow-ups or referrals to reach their health goals. In addition to this the application’s software allows for the safe storage of patient data including referrals and follow-up appointments with other health professionals.


What we did

System Analysis
User Experience Workshop
Wireframe Design
Prototype Development & Testing
Visual Concept Design