Fayre Share, A Home Away from Home Dining Experience

Sharing Meals Family Style

Fayre Share is the new casual and community-led dining experience in east London, inspired by the idea that ‘friends are the new family’, sharing meals and eating together within a homely atmosphere.

Fayre Share approached us with the idea of sharing meals as you would at home. In a warm, friendly and comforting environment, with food being served “family style”, a home away from home – where customers share food served on large platters, allowing them to engage socially.

Brand Personality and Values

The vision was driven by the founders Mark Bloom and Barry Myers, motivated by their experience in the restaurant and hospitality sector, they wanted to bring the sophisticated operations experience from high end restaurants to a down to earth, approachable and family-friendly eating experience.The inspiration began with the thought that modern lifestyles in cities are often fast-paced, increasing solitary moments leading us to feel disconnected and forgetting the importance of gathering over a meal. Wanting to create an environment that involves a sense of community, we focused on the ways we could design a space and dining experience that expressed the significance of food in bringing people closer together as a family would be.

The Fayre Share experience is all about giving oneself the time to enjoy each other’s company over food and connecting with others. With a food proposition inspired by comforting British home-cooked meals served in shareable portions – this restaurant delivers a promise of friendly and sociable service in a cosy and contemporary environment.

The Fayre Share Customer Journey

The site location was especially important, finally deciding on Victoria Park Village was key to what Fayre Share stood for, fitting their philosophy of being part of community that is sociable, friendly and family-oriented.

Following that, the objective was to design a restaurant that communicated a home-like feeling, led by familiar domestic comforts and able to cater to casual friendly evening dinners, sociable businesses lunches as well as young families. With potential for a local rollout, we developed a design concept that considered multiple customer touchpoints. A key moment that the founders referred as vital to the Fayre Share dining experience, which feeds into their ‘wow moment’ was bringing the sizeable dishes out of a box along with the cutlery – fundamentally creating a sense of eating at home as customers set up the table and pass the food along and help serve each other.

A Social Restaurant Design Concept

For a relaxed atmosphere and to encourage social behaviour, we aimed to develop a restaurant that blended elements of the home with the needs of contemporary restaurant dining experiences. The concept for the restaurant is built around the traditional zones of the home – a lounge area for casual coffee and quick bites, the kitchen island which works as the cocktail bar and the main dining room and garden terrace for the family meal.

The terrace and façade were altered to maximise the natural light into the space. We used warm materials such as wood, red brick and white tiling as well as marble to balance it all. For colours, we selected earthy tones such as various green hues, warm timbers, hints of black for a contemporary urban touch, reflect the traditional shaker kitchen style, a source of inspiration for the concept.



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