I-AM skilfully ascertained our business and customer needs and translated this into our finest Bank space to date. The final fulfilment of the brief was passed when the first customer entered the refurbished branch and said “Wow!”
Alan Scott Regional Service Manager, Danske Bank (UK)

Making More Possible With The Danske Bank Belfast Flagship

With the aim of “Making more possible” we worked with Danske Bank to conceptualise a progressive, showcase destination over 895 square metres, that is a modern yet friendly, multi-functional and an inspiring experience, empowering bank customers to access personal service and information easily, as well as welcoming local businesses and fintech start-ups.

Across our longstanding relationship since 2013, we have worked with Danske Bank in Northern Ireland on a new concept design and rollout strategy for their core branch experiences – with the latest flagship that includes an evolved & upgraded version of the established design in the branch section.

Designing an Innovative Flagship Bank Experience

We began with reviewing the Belfast branch, noting the key opportunities such as the high footfall, the lack of fintech co-working spaces present in that area, and aiming to create an environment that would fuel collaboration along with growth and learning capabilities. We also assessed the sites KPI’s, to design a space that would be able to measure and improve the customer experience and satisfaction, whilst also increasing business enquiries, long term relationships with fintech companies and attracting local entrepreneurial customers.

Following a customer experience analysis, we created a flexible, innovative and engaging space and set of facilities for banking customers and fintech start-ups alike. It includes a range of digital technologies, mixed-use interaction spaces including an event and seminar room, and breakout coffee area. This impressive flagship branch in Belfast and the specially-designed co-working space sitting alongside it, allows it to cater to start-ups operating in the financial services sector.


What we did

• Customer Journey Analysis
• Experience Mapping
• Branch Network Strategy
• Digital Integration
• Interior design
• Signage & Application
• Branded Environments