A personalised shopping experience

Daikin Brand Application & Interior Design

Daikin is one of the world’s leading air-conditioning manufacturers. I-AM were commissioned to create a unique retail customer experience for the Daikin showroom and design the architecture and branding of the space.

Daikin Customer Experience

Daikin wanted to understand the factors affecting both selection and purchase of air conditioning and specifically the influence of in-store information. I-AM researchers measured customers’ attitudes towards sources of information and their spatial experiences. In light of these findings, I-AM created a customer-focused design for the showroom. All elements were constructed in order to create a unique and memorable experience from the point of entry to the point of departure in the customer journey. Upon entrance customers are welcomed by a member of staff equipped with a tablet and led towards an ‘advantage wall’ where product features are displayed. An infographic language portraying product details in a simple yet effective manner was designed in order to support this process.

The result is a shopping experience that is greatly enhanced through personalised staff interaction.

Daikin Showroom Design Logo
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