Working with I-AM has been a pleasure. Using data and research to understand what our customer really wanted the result is a fabulous looking website that services both the functional and emotional needs of our guests.
Jimmy Muldoon Director of Insights & Digital

We are bringing the ‘Joie de Vivre’ to the Côte digital experience.
We designed a website that bridges the gap between the restaurant and the online experience, with a youthful twist.
We focused on communicating the essence of the Côte dining experience, showcasing their ethos of high food standards and ingredient provenance.

Mobile first and Mission focused
Analysis showed 68% of users are mobile, so it needed to be a true mobile-first solution. Despite any layer of personality which we would add to the website, booking a table and checking the menus needed to be as seamless as possible. On mobile, we added quick links for the most popular missions, which flexed depending on the page you were visiting, whereas on the desktop a booking bar was always present at the bottom of every page.

Menu Checking
Our research found that checking the menu was the main reason guests were visiting the website, so these became one of the important sections for us. We had to develop a solution for multiple menus and price tiers. It was important to include brand storytelling on the website without distracting or annoying the user which is why we can up without storytelling prompts nested within.

Experience Storytelling
The design concept was based around ‘The luxury of time and moments’ communicating the joy of social interaction through the Côte experience, where the wine and food support the overall experience.  The layout and design were inspired by overlapping scrapbook images, with offset typography to evoke a sense of memories. This was complimented with a hand-drawn illustration style to add to the sense of fun and personality. The homepage had an experience-led video which we art directed.

A fully insight-led approach to the website design was undertaken. Following a detailed research and system analysis stage, we identify 5 proto personas based on the ‘foodie connoisseur’ and ‘experience embracer’ guest profiles. 24 participants were interviewed from around England, representing existing and future customers.

What we did

Strategic Workshopping
User Research & Interviews
UX Structural Design
UI Visual Design
Art Direction