“Looking back, working with I-AM was not only about the results - which were absolutely fantastic. It was the support and tools they shared with us to truly understand our own brand."
Nikras Agha Choppaluna Co-founder

Exciting Branding that Pays Homage to Choppaluna’s ‘Guilt Free Indulgence’

A new healthy-eating concept has made its way to the UK with the launch of Choppaluna, a fresh salad concept. Reaching out to us to help them create a scalable brand proposition that could be franchised and appeal to a wide audience, including Gen’Z’ers as well as health-conscious consumers. The key objective was to differentiate the brand from its competitors by becoming an attractive food lifestyle brand and a ‘salad destination’.

We aimed to challenge held perceptions, setting ourselves a goal to reposition salads as both healthy, super tasty and even indulgent. The result is a bold, imaginative and inspirational new name and identity that pays homage to ‘guilt free indulgence’. Youthful, energetic and exciting – the new look and feel is a real feast for the senses.

We helped with name generation, creating ‘Choppaluna’ along with a new logo, developing the brand’s identity and applying the branding across its restaurant and collateral. The palette is led by a mix of monochromatic patterns, cool grey, deep green and pure black, topped with playful colours such as pastel pink, salmon and neon green. The physical brand application bolsters vibrance through bold brand communication, neon signs and bright lights that help increase social media potential.

Our branding work is applied across stationery, packaging, menu boards, restaurant signage and the new website. Choppaluna’s website embraces a friendly, cheeky and energetic tone of voice, introducing a bold yet clean font and simplified neon-style iconography and beautifully curated food photography.

Choppaluna’s Brand Experience Design

Choppaluna serves customers with staples such as customizable salads, smoothie bowls and ‘choprolls’ (salad wraps), whilst the brand is inspired by a contemporary aesthetic and a youthful tone of voice. The entire offer is based on delivering a theatrical, fast-paced and personalised experience at an affordable price, with consumers being able to customise their meal from over 60 different toppings, before chefs chop and mix their salads in-front of them. To fulfil a modern customer experience targeting digital natives and city professionals, it was key to integrate digital screens as part of the menu and promotional boards animating the dishes offered and enabling a swift showcase of the different options. With both digital and physical branded applications, Choppaluna’s identity can be felt across various customer touchpoints, ultimately creating an impactful brand experience.



What we did

• Customer Profiling
• Name Generation
• Branding
• Branded Environments
• Digital Integration
• Signage & Application
• UI & UX Design