Carrying an Already Loved Banking App to the Next Level

Designing a Fresh and Effortless Banking Experience

We designed the new Cepteteb App with the users’ lifestyles in mind, specifically, making it easy, efficient and quick. The latest app showcases the financial information and transactions in a simple and fresh-feeling interface. We also developed notification cards for any key information such as credit card payment deadlines and minimum amounts. These non-intrusive, yet informative pop-up cards have a clear and crisp design. Additionally, the night mode breaks all the seriousness of banking apps and gives the user the room to customise based on their needs.

In order to attract new customers, we added a feature allowing people to easily join as a new bank customer without needing to go to the physical branch. This option has enhanced the customer experience and assisted the brand in growing its customer network.

We also facilitated the work for the developers by grouping all of the data inside the app – achieving a sustainable mobile app design.

What we did

User Research
UX Design