I-AM is more than an agency. They are a splendid team, they became one of us in a very short space of time! They understand the customers' needs immediately and always approach problems with a different perspective
Çiğdem Çintuğlu Chief Digital Officer

Allianz digital UX design

Allianz, the leading insurance firm in Turkey worked with I-AM to move its insurance services beyond the traditional way of working. This digitalisation started from the customer side, I-AM designed the customer facing digital services, targeted to be present for Allianz customers, by putting experience in the heart.

Designing the Allianz user interface

Working together with Allianz, we gained a deep understanding of Allianz and their approach to their customers. During our research and in-depth interviews, we saw that a big challenge for insurance firms was creating stronger bonds with their customers throughout their lifecycles since insurance products are mainly used in the hard times, e.g during a hospital visit, after a car accident… We wanted to tackle this challenge by creating digital outlets which enhance customer engagement via increasing the literacy of the customers’ pensions and insurance products. We empowered that approach by positioning Allianz as an advisory point for their customers’ changing needs in the course of their lifecycles.

We had designed an online and mobile experience for the Allianz customers, which is an industry leading example. We believed that the digital strategy must be built on 3 things: easy management of insurance products, creating engagement through assets that are insured and empowering customers by increasing their knowledge. With our new digital and UX design, the urgent actions are prioritised, users can reach targeted actions in a few steps and track everything they insure from their loved ones’ health to wealth and cars.

Allian Digital Design & Branding
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Allian Digital Design & Branding
Allian Digital Design & Branding
Allian Digital Design & Branding