I-AM is more than an agency. They have a great team that immediately grasped the user needs and successfully addressed the project with a different perspective.
Çiğdem Çintuğlu Chief Digital Officer

Developing a New Operation System for Allianz Insurance

Following our work on their customer digitalisation strategy and online portal, Allianz commissioned us to design their agency portal to assist their employees’ working experience. As one of the largest insurance companies in Turkey with an ever-expanding agency network, Allianz has begun to use various digital systems and workflows to assist them in their everyday tasks. This has led their network of agencies and systems to be overwhelmed due to heavy workload and data input, all of which subjected issues within their branches, on the field and within back office teams.

Allianz Digital Agency Portal

Before designing the system and portal for the various employee needs within Allianz, we did participatory design workshops with the various branches. Through these workshops, we gained insight into the different issues within the user experience and deep dived into the user behaviours and expectations.

The new Digital Agency Portal ‘DigitAll’ we created, is a modular design that includes all the performance metrics, starting the journey from the homepage and ensuring workers are able to manage clients and their portfolios with ease. The design we developed also offers a detailed examination of the performance metrics, allowing Allianz’s workers to easily track their own annual goals. Prioritising the website’s ‘Fast Offer’ option within the portal, has allowed the agency network to track the customer requests and respond more quickly through Chatbots, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

What we did

User Research
Design Workshops
UX Design