I-AM is more than an agency. They are a splendid team, they became one of us in a very short space of time! They understand the customers' needs immediately and always approach problems with a different perspective
Çiğdem Çintuğlu Chief Digital Officer

Allianz Customer Agency Portal

Allianz, is one of the top insurance companies in the market with over 5 million customers. They approached us to create a new portal for their customers, making Allianz services available at all times and capable of responding to their clients ever-changing needs. Throughout the digitalisation process of Allianz, we designed the digital service channels for mobile along with online web channels.

A Pioneer in the Insurance Experience

In order to overcome the challenges mentioned in the customer insight, we developed a system where insurance products could be easily managed, digital literature could be increased and Allianz could be positioned as a lifestyle assistant rather than a simple insurance product. For all channels, we prioritised certain features that customers could use through simple steps, especially when dealing with emergency situations.In order to enhance engagement and interaction with the users, we created features such as “My Child’s Health” where customers could track their child’s overall health through Allianz’s digital platform. We also, developed “Rate My Ride”, which worked to assist with driving skills.



What we did

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