Care For Life


Located in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Dawaa Pharmacies not only follow the very highest recognized international standards but push the boundaries of what pharmacies can offer their customers. Al Dawaas services span a wide spectrum to include everything from health and wellness, beauty care and personal care to medical testing, medical care and a full range of in-house medical treatments. Al-Dawaa’s future objective is to provide the broadest optimal health care services to the Saudi market. A true brand of the people, trusted and loved by the whole population.

The Situation

Al Dawaa‘s vision is to become the very best healthcare
brand in the Middle East by improving the quality of people’s lives through their better health and general wellbeing. With a rapidly expanding list of services and a growing estate, Al Dawaa approached I-AM to completely rethink, refresh and redesign all their store formats across the Kingdom. With over 800 sites, from the largest ‘city centre format’ locations offering customers a full complement of products and services to the smaller ‘neighbourhood formats’ located within smaller more isolated rural communities I-AM created workable solutions for every eventuality.

The Solution

I-AM created a new format strategy for the business based on a new guiding set of strategic principles. Al-Dawaa is now set to further expand its operations across the Kingdom by improving on its existing estate, implementing the new format strategy and successfully combining high-quality service offerings to their loyal customer base with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology… ‘Care for life’ is the new order of the day as Al Dawaa look to build lifelong relationships with customers old and new across the Kingdom.

What we did

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Visual Language
• Graphic Design
• Branded Environments
• Signage & Application
• Interior Design
• Awareness Strategy
• UX, UI for App
• UX, UI for Website