Care For Life


Al Dawaa is the most loved pharmacy brand in Saudi Arabia with over 800 sites across the Kingdom and a loyal customer base.
They approached I-AM in 2019 to refresh their brand and store designs to attract a wider audience and create new brand advocates.

The Situation

With their closest rivals gaining popularity, Al Dawaa approached us to breathe new life into the brand and create an experience that excelled expectations.

The Solution

We defined the brand essence of  ‘Care for life’. A mantra that the new business direction would live by. As well as refreshing the brand identity, we created a space that catered for all aspects of life, not just medicine.

What we did

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Visual Language
• Graphic Design
• Branded Environments
• Signage & Application
• Interior Design
• Awareness Strategy
• UX, UI for App
• UX, UI for Website