Care For Life

Branding & Digital Design that “Care For Life”

Al Dawaa has gained an ever-growing reputation as the most loved pharmacy brand in Saudi Arabia. With over 800 sites serving the ‘health and well-being needs of a loyal customer base across the Kingdom, Al Dawaa is more than just an everyday pharmacy and much more of a far-reaching healthcare partner that Saudis can trust to deliver on all their ‘health and well-being needs.

The Situation

Al Dawaa‘s vision is to become the very best healthcare brand in the Middle East by improving the quality of people’s lives through their overall health and general well-being. With their closest rivals gaining in popularity, Al Dawaa approached I-AM to rethink, reposition and refresh their brand and visual language by first defining and capturing the very essence of the business. The striking new visual identity and expansive digital expression of the brand are now in keeping with the new vision of the business and newly redesigned store formats both created by I-AM.

The Solution

With a clear purpose, a new vision and a new set of strategic principles in place Al Dawaa is set to further expand its operations across the region and into the future. The bold and vibrant new brand language clearly defines who Al Dawaa have now become and is representative of the business new found confidence.

Inspired by the ‘Alpha Helix’, the ribbon that protects the human DNA strand, the new brand mark represents both humanity, security and protection. The new brand essence, ‘Care for life’ is the mantra that the business now lives by.



What we did

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Visual Language
• Graphic Design
• Branded Environments
• Signage & Application
• Interior Design
• Awareness Strategy